Approaching summer vacation is an exciting time for both kids and parents alike. It means a change of pace from the daily grind, basking in the sun and spending time with family. Get your home geared up for summer and ready your family for fun activities to make your summer as memorable as possible.

1. Update Your Interior Décor

When summer rolls around, it’s time to say goodbye to winter décor. Store away your fall and winter accessories such as candles, heavy throw blankets, and fire logs. Instead, place fresh-cut flowers on tabletops and replace dark drapes with light, airy curtains. Bring some greenery inside with potted houseplants that also work to purify the air. Rearranging your furniture gives you the opportunity to deep clean forgotten areas and refreshes your space with a new look.

2. Create Airflow Throughout Your Home

Keeping your house cool in the summer heat is key to enjoying the season in comfort. Instead of shutting all the windows and blasting the air conditioner all day long, try to cool off your house with natural airflow. Create a vacuum through your home by following these tips from Southern Athena. You should also switch your fan blades, so they create a heavier draft by pushing air downward. Don’t forget to dust the fan while you’re up there.

3. Update Your Outdoor Patio

Tend to your deck with routine maintenance before you set up your BBQ and summery set of patio furniture. Inspect your deck for damaged boards, loose railings, or protruding nails. Sand down splintered boards on wooden decks so they won’t wreak havoc on bare feet. Remove dirt and debris built up over the winter. If you have a wood deck, seal and stain it when you have a couple of days without rain in the forecast.

While you’re outside, take the time to freshen up the paint on your house’s trim to reinvigorate your curb appeal after a long winter. HGTV recommends pressure washing your walkway and filling cracks in concrete paths. You can fill in bald patches in your lawn by sprinkling with fresh topsoil and grass seeds.

4. Get Your Summer Tools Ready

Many homeowners take great pride in the state of their yard. Make sure your lawn equipment, including lawn mowers and edgers, are tuned up and ready to tackle your regular summer yard maintenance. Wash dirt from hand tools such as rakes, pruners, hoes, and shovels. You can even lubricate the hinges of sheers and sharpen their blades to make quicker work of tasks.

5. Seal Your House Against Unwanted Pests

Everyone knows that summer comes with bugs. So, keep them outside by defending your house against these unwanted pests. Check the caulking around your windows and replace weather stripping on your doors. You can even spray the outside of your house with a preventative insecticide, focusing on your foundation and around doors and windows. Put up bug screens in your windows and a screen door to your patio so you can keep air flowing through your home without letting the bugs in.

6. Plan Some Fun Outdoor Activities for Your Family

Now that you’re all geared up for summer, plan some family activities to create a memorable summer. For example, get your kids to help you plant a garden that will attract butterflies and other wildlife to your garden. Your children can each make their own bird feeder from simple plastic bottles and watch the birds that come along to eat. Camping out in the backyard is wildly popular with kids, and they’ll love helping you set up the tent and gathering around a campfire to roast marshmallows. Ambitious parents can create a backyard scavenger hunt to give their kids a break from summer boredom. Backyard games including Frisbee golf, ladder golf and Bocce ball are great activities for picnics with friends. Remember, all that time outdoors means a lot of sun exposure. Apply chemical-free sunscreen with safe, natural ingredients (such as Bathtime Kids Sun Shade Sun Screen) to protect your little ones skin from the sun’s rays.

If your outdoor activities involve the use of a pool, it’s important to make sure everyone learns, understands, and follows safety rules to prevent any injuries or accidents. In addition to making sure the pool water stays clean, you should keep rescue equipment around in case someone accidentally falls in. To prevent such an occurrence, invest in a fence and a gate, and install a pool alarm that will alert you in the event that someone does fall into the water. Pools are a great source of fun during the summer months, and staying responsible and ready for any injuries/accidents will ensure it stays that way.

Summer with family is a time that many kids will remember fondly as they grow up. With some simple preparations, your summer days can be spent enjoying time with your family instead of battling the air conditioner or sweating over broken yard tools. Reinvigorate your home for summer to create a fresh, inviting space for family fun!

Article by Alexis Hall

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